WAEC SSCE 2017/2018 Syllabus And Key points For All Subjects

WAEC SSCE 2017/2018 Syllabus And Key points For All Subjects
Selected Topics Of Subjects In Wassce 2017

*Respiratory system
*Cell and Cell Division
*Variation, Inheritance and Evolution
*Nitrogen Cycle
*Hydrological Cycle
*Force and Motion

*Nitrogen Cycle
*Crop Production
*Ruminant and Non Ruminant Production
*Soil Conversation
*Food and Nutrition
*Circulatory System
*Infections and Diseases
*Excretory System
*Skeletal System
*Acids, Bases and Salts
*Organic Chemistry
*Nuclear Energy
*Air Movement
*Water Movement
*Tectonic Movement
*Sound Energy
*Work and Machine
*Vectors and Mechanics
*Trigonometric Function
*Sequences and Series
*Indices and Logarithmic Function
*Bearing and Vectors in a Plane
*Sets and Operations
*Statistics I,II
*Ratio and Rates
*Modular Arithmetic
*Trigonometry I,II
*Mensuration I,II
*Quadratic Function and Equations
*Demand Analysis
*Supply Analysis
*Market Structure
*Distributive Trade
*International Trade
*The Planetary System
*Element of Weather and Climate
*The Hydrosphere
*Statistical Maps and Diagram
*Element of Map Interpretation and Map Use
*Socio-economic Status
*Immigration Policy

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