Nabteb Gce 2016/2017 Biology Practical Free Questions And Answers

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ii) bacteria cell have cell wall, a cell membrane while viral cells does not have cell structure
iii) monohybrid cross involves the crossing of two pure traits while dihybrid involves the crossing of plants with two pairs of contrast characters.
iv) in open door, vessel leads out from the heart and in blood space while in closed door is always confined within cavities of the vessel.
v)Inhalation- this is the breathing in of air or oxygen into the respiratory organs such as lungs,gills.
Exhalation- this is the breathing out of carbon-dioxide and water vapour into the atmosphere
vi)-reduced resistance to disease
-night blindness
-food content of fruit
-size or weight of food
-Community: this is the group of organisms that live together in the same location and interact with each other
-Ecosystem: is a basic functioning unit in nature. It is made up of living and their non-living environment
-epigeal germination
-hypogeal germination
-animal bites
-blood contact
-morphological variation
-physiological variation
– Fig A- transverse section of a dicetyledonous root
– Fig B- transverse section of a monocetyledonous stem
Fig A
– presence of root hair
-presence of piliferous layer
Fig B
– Presence of epidemis
– Presence of large inner vascular bundle
iii) Fig A- Sunflower
Fig B- Maize
-to store food
-for the conduction of water and mineral salts
-absorption of water and dissolved mineral salts from the soil to the leaves
-root hair
-piliferous layer
ii) it shrinks
ii) it burst away
-yam tubers
-paw paw
C- plant cell
D- animal cell
C- it has a large vacuole
D- it has little or no vacuole
C- it has a large vacuole, D- it has little vacuole. C- it has nucleus at the edge of the cytoplasm, D- it has nucleus at the centre of the cytoplasm
-both have nucleus
-both have cell membrane
-both have endoplasmic reticulum
-endoplasmic reticulum
-cell membrane
-cell wall
3ci) it aids the transport of materials within cytoplasm
3cii)it provides shape, support and mechanical support of the cell
4i) food web
-mosquito larvae
-aquatic plant
-cray fish
iii) X(tree)
iv) I(mosquito larvae)
v) trees
vi) V, VI, X will be reduced
-negativity phototropic
-negatively geotropic
-positively geotropic
-positively hydrotropic
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