Nabteb 2016 EXPO : Verified Office practice (Essay and Obj) Questions And Answers

Today’s examination papers
Thursday 26th May 2016
Office practice (Obj and Essay) 9:00am-12:20pm
Office practice obj:
An office layout can be defined as a working environment which must be conducive,convinient and comfortable enough to allow employees put in their best effort that can yield high productivity
-The size of the organisation/Number of employees
-Whether the organisation is expanding or contracting
-The type of work undertaken by the organisation
-The accomodation available to the organisation
-The financial resources available to the organisation
-All reistered mail must be duly recorded
-All letters and other documents should be rubber stamped with the date of receipt either on the front or on the reverse.Care must be taken not to obliterate address and telephone numbers/signatures
-All enclosures must be duly checked and attached to the letters or other documents enclosed
-Letters when opened will be sorted primarily by references entered on themand if it is uncertain to know who a letter is intended it should be passed to the post master or supervisor in charge
-Date stamp: This is used for various purposes such as marking firms,s name and addressor the names of the postal services packages
-Gullilotine: For shredding confidential and secret document or providing packing materials
-Jogger: This is a machine which vibrates papers into alignment ready for staping and binding
-Trays: For collection and distribution of mails
-Dispenser: For preparing notice that aree to be made without envelopes
-Roller moistener: For preparing newspapers,magazine and journals for mailing
-Alphabetical system:With this technique,documents are filed according to the first letter in the name and then in order of initials or second names.It helps large organisation in the convinience of grouping papers by the name of the organisation,It gives room for direct filing with no index required,It is simple and easy to understand and It is useful in the provision of miscellaneous papers
-Subject system:In this system it means that all documents relating to a subject are brought together in one file though they may have come from many different sources and may include letters to and from many different people.It helps organisation in convinience of reference when the subject is known and it gives room for unlimited expansion
-Numerical system:In this system each document or folder is given number and filed in serial number order.A common use is decimal numerical.It helps large organisation by making unlimited expansion to be possible,It gives room for greater accuracy in filing and the index is complete list and can be used for other purposes
-Geographical system:In this systemmaterials or papers are divided according to geographical location.It helps large organisation for convinience of reference where location is known and its measure of direct filing is usual
-Alpha numerical system:This simply means the combination of the alphabetical and numerical filing system.This is often the most flexible method and the most popular
Credit transfer can be defined a method of payment whereby the payer completes for each of the payee,separates forms on which designates payee,s name,bank and bank account number and the amount of money being payed
-It avoids the need for drawing large numbers of cheques
-it offers greater security than payment by individual cheques
-It saves in office work since the credit transfer forms can be prepared by various office machines
-It also offers a means of payment for people without bank account for if the relevant form is completed and taken to a bank with the required sum of money plus a small bank charge such amount will be transferred to the account designated on the form
-A crossed cheque is the type of cheque with two parallel lines drwn across it while an open cheque is a type of cheque without a crossing
-A crossed cheque can only be used to pay into a bank account while an open cheque is a type of cheque which can be used to pay salaries,for drwing cash from banks and for paying money to another person
-A crossed cheque offers agreater security because if its get stolen or lost cannot be exchanged for cash while an open cheque offers less security because it can be used to drawn cash if stolen or lost
-Motion:This is the proposal that is being discussed at a meeting
-Resolution:This is when motion has been passed or carried at a meeting
-Quorum:These are the minimum numbers of members require to be present of the total membership figure before a meeting can be validly constituted
-Proxy:This is the act of standing on behalf of another person at a meeting eg proxy vote
-Standing order:These are committee which have an indefinite term of offic[truncated by WhatsApp]
1) Merit Of Studying Office Practice*
i) To Create Coordination To Customers
ii)Efficient Productivity And Organization
iii)Layout And Settings
iv)Education and self development
v) Asset Management and development
i)Office acts an information centre, rather a data bank for a business unit. It collects information from both internal and external source, records it, arranges and analyses it and provides it to management at the time of necessity. So all sorts of information whether past or present are available in office.
ii)Office acts as on intermediary agency as it connects
different departments with outsiders. It establishes linkage of the business unit with its suppliers, customers, Government and the general public as a whole.
iii)It provides a machinery for co-ordination. It provides
competent clerical services to all in the business who needs it.
Different departments like production, distribution and
finance are interlinked and this linkage is made possible through the help of office.
iv)Office as a control centre of the organization since office ssists management m taking decision and implementing them. It is a place where policy decisions originates and where it is executed.
v)It is regarded as a channel through which written
communication moves from top to bottom and bottom to top
-The knowledge of office practice provides a machinery for coordination, it enhance production of competent clerical service to all business who needs it
-Offline practice is regarded as clearing house of a business unit, icon of business organization and modern to standard way of business and construction. Hence, the relevance of office practice to business education is to facilitate effective construction of work and packaging
-Efficient and economic running of a business is governed by the knowledge of office practice and its relevance in business education
-The relevance of office practice to business organization or education can be regarded as the brain of business unit. Protocol,settings, strategies and regulation are studies under office practice to regulate a business organization
-Reliability is quality and trust assurance seen in an organization to stimulate customer patronage, office practice, practices and possess these which are used for business
i )credit transfer is a system whereby
successfully completed units of study contributing towards a degree or diploma can be transferred from one course to another .
ii )
i ) Interest Rates
ii ) Promotional Period
iii ) Balance Transfer Fees
iv ) Annual Fee
-Crossed cheque
i ) crossed cheque is a cheque that is payable only through a collecting banker and not directly at the counter of the bank.
ii ) cross cheque means, the cheque can be deposited in account only
iii ) Cross cheque means cheque amount only paid to bank account
-Open cheque
i ) An open cheque is a cheque that is not crossed on the left corner and payable at the counter of the drawee bank on presentation of
the cheque .
ii ) an open cheque means, the the bearer can withdraw cash .
iii ) open cheque cash withdrawal

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